Pavaglione Restaurant

Classic, with a modern tone

The PAVAGLIONE Restaurant, attached to the Hotel but with managed independently, awaits you for exquisite moments dedicated to cuisine: traditional menus that have been revisited for a modern taste with fresh handmade pasta, quality meat, fresh fish every day, and pizza cooked in a wood -burning oven.

Monday through Friday: 0,00 – 02.30 pm and 7 – 11.00 pm
Saturday: 7 pm – 11.00 pm
Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday all day

Extraordinary closures
Extraordinary closures from October to December 2018
Closed every Thursday until 31.12.18
Closed 1-15 November including
24.12 only dinner
25.12 only lunch
Closed from 26 to 28 December including
January 2019:
Closed 01.01.19
For contacts and info call: +39 051 403040


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