University of Bologna


The oldest and most prestigious university, and our current offers.

Selecting Bologna for your studies, or participating in one of the frequently planned cultural events proposed by the University, becomes easy and enjoyable to organize.
In fact, from the Hotel Amadeus, you can easily reach the various university branches by bus, as well as the city center with its museums and culture.

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The Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (UNIBO) is, in fact, the oldest university in the western world and, along with its prestige and illustrious history, it is still one of the most important institutions of the city, cultural stimulation and excitement, with events throughout the region.
Currently more than 83,000 students have chosen the University of Bologna, making this University one of the preferred choices in Italy.
Furthermore, the commendable Collegio di Spagna (Royal College of Spain) is still active today, and it is certainly the most famous of the many founded between the XIII and XVII centuries.

Unibo today

Still today, the University of Bologna has many collections and museums:
The historical archives: an integrated structure of documentary evidence, photographs, and memorabilia that reflect the historical memory of the University. The archives preserve, enhance, and promote awareness of the documentary heritage and photographs relating to the history of the university, manage the Picture Gallery of the University, tend to the expansion of a university historiography library, organize the European Museum Students (MEUS), and expand a student history documentation center.

The university library, which dates back to 1712, is currently housed in the historic Palazzo Poggi. Until 1803, it was instead housed in the better known Archiginnasio, which still maintains rooms that were used for university lectures in the past. Among these is worth mentioning the remarkable anatomical theater.
The University is a founding member of the Interuniversity Consortium, CINECA.