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Marconi Airport


At 3.2 km from Bologna’s Marconi Airport, Hotel Amadeus in Bologna is one of the closest and most welcoming hotels in this city.

If you choose to fly from the Guglielmo Marconi Airport, one of the increasingly important hubs and a strategic position in Italy located in the production and industrial center of the North, the Hotel Amadeus in Bologna, with its ample parking and special offers, is the ideal choice and point of reference for its location, comfort, services, and central position in Bologna. whether for a stay+flight trip, traveling for business, or for a holiday.


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The Guglielmo Marconi Airport at Borgo Panigale in Bologna has expanded a great deal in recent years, becoming the first airport in the Emilia Romagna region with over 90 destinations and one of the few intercontinental airports in Italy, for example, with flights to Cape Verde, Zanzibar, and Mombasa, as well as the North American coast, the Caribbean, South Africa, and the Indian Ocean.
An innovative project that is in constant growth and evolution. In fact, after having reached over 5 million passengers at the end of 2010 (with 7 million predicted by 2013) and over 30,000 tons of cargo per year in transit, Bologna’s airport has renewed itself, in order to optimize and increase comfort and offer more hospitality, space, and services: vaster boarding area, more space dedicated to commercial activities, new direct access for passengers from the terminal to aircrafts, one single check-in area on the ground floor, and a more efficient baggage handling system.


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