Nativity and Christmas

Nativity and Christmas are the same tradition and in Bologna the Nativity and Christmas are well representede by  Presepe, one of most ancient tradition of this town, if Christmas in many cities is represent by a Xmas Tree in Bologna one of the symbol of the Christmas is the Presepe. The presepe is the representation of the Nativity, tradition could be discoverd the next 26th December to 6 th of January of the new year . “Visita al Presepe” is a guided tour dedicated to Presepe and Artists and every year collect many visitors every year.

There are so many works by artists and craftspeople representing this great tradition of bolognese Nativity, characterized by the use of earthenware.


Among these are  Mr. Mazza and Mr De Maria, Mr Piò and at least Scandellari names that have made this tradition a great artThese guided tours to discover the Bolognese’s presepi to be held from 26th of December to 6th of January.

The walks, and the average duration of two hours, are guided by researchers of the Centro Studi for PopularCulture, and, as a whole, despite being different every time, for reasons of time does not diminish the sites indicated on the map. Meeting points are each time two, and the departure is always punctually at 15.30. the sites visited will be the same.

Thursday, December 26, 2013 hours 15.30 meeting c/o courtyard of Palazzo Comunale and c/o St. Peter Cathedral. Sunday 15.30 hours Meeting December 29, 2013 c/o Museo Davia Bargellini, 44, and Strada Maggiore c/o the churchyard of San Giovanni in Monte, Piazza di San Giovanni in Monte 1/2. Saturday 15 January 4, 2014 hours before visiting. hours 16.30 second visit meeting c/o Museo Beata Vergine di San Luca, Piazza di Porta Saragozza 2/a. Sunday 15.30 hours Meeting January 5, 2014 c/o Parvis of the Church of San Giacomo Maggiore, piazza Rossini

An appointment for those who want to find out how much dedication exist in these small and graceful depictions of the Nativity.

In Bologna from 26 December to January 6, 2014