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ENJOY! Wellness SPA

Your Wellness Spa experience in the heart of the Hotel Amadeus

Enjoy! Wellness SPA

An exclusive urban oasis for the body and spirit, where you can enjoy wellness rituals in a cozy, intimate setting and rediscover the pleasure of pampering yourself.
Time stops to donate precious moments of peace and relaxation… and a new found balance.

For guests at the Hotel Amadeus, ENJOY! is the ideal place to take a refreshing break, recharge your batteries, and rediscover your personal well-being and appearance, spoiled by the staff and in the charming atmosphere of the Spa environment.

A 300 square meter circuit of relaxation and rebirth, where you can fully enjoy the benefits of a Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, and Jacuzzi whirlpool, or revitalize yourself with an ice waterfall and salt wall, or let yourself be enveloped by a chromotherapy shower.
Recharge your batteries and cleanse your body, indulging in unique, inebriating treatments that draw from nature all their effectiveness and sheer energy.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. (Jim Rohn)




      > Monday through Friday


    17:00 \ 21:00
      > Saturday


    10:00-13:00 \ 14:00-19:00
      > Sunday


    09:00 \ 15:00


Enjoy! Wellness SPA


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ENJOY! Wellness SPA can be reserved exclusively even at different times to make every occasion special and memorable locations and proposals at the front desk.